IT Infrastructure Services

The IT infrastructure of a business is vital for its success. Having a strong, infrastructure in place can have a positive effect on a business’s efficiency and productivity. Today, applications need to scale rapidly, and users need access to complex data at increasing speeds. It takes large amounts of planning and execution to build a solid infrastructure that meets business needs. CDW Amplified™ Infrastructure Services provide expertise, tools and resources to scale and future-proof your data center’s architecture. We help you upgrade your existing architecture and prepare for what’s to come, whether you’re on-premises, migrating to the cloud or already there.

IT Support Services

Any business, big or small, needs a reliable, IT department to provide high-end solutions to technical problems. IT systems are like the engine of your business, to be there to support you when you need them the most. Nowadays, IT teams are busier than ever before – they aren’t just keeping the lights on for everyday technology needs, they’re driving innovation across organizations. IT teams no longer have time to drop everything for every broken laptop or lost password. CDW Amplified™ Support Services deliver custom warranty, maintenance and support services — including ServiceNow Solutions — that help your IT staff so they can focus on growing your business. From roadmaps and adoption to lifecycle management, CDW brings years of experience to help you manage your technology environment today and well into the future.