Secure your business against cyber threats, the easy way

Cyber crime is now a major threat to small businesses. But how can you budget and protect against the unexpected? Protection Server has partnered with Coalition to bring you affordable cyber liability insurance. And what makes Coalition different is you get a range of free, advanced security tools to prevent online crime, reducing your cyber risk by 40%.


What is cyber insurance?

Get comprehensive protection for your business against technology-based threats — IT infrastructure risks, systems failure, cyber attacks, data breaches, liability, legal costs, and more. Our added benefits include a 24/7 Helpline and free security monitoring.

Why do I need cyber insurance?

In 2021, cyber attacks rose by 125%, across almost every industry and country. Also, regulatory penalties have been getting stricter for businesses experiencing data breaches that compromise customer data. Small businesses don’t have the budget for downtime, or legal costs.

Is cyber insurance expensive?

The Protection Server + Coalition partnership gives small businesses affordable and transparent cyber insurance, billed annually. Policy pricing will depend on individual factors, like the size of your network. Financial liability coverage also comes with free security tools for prevention.

Choose a Plan

Choose cyber liability insurance coverage to suit your individual small business needs. Every policy Plan includes the same value-added feature benefits:


  • (Starting at)
  • You pay $126.00 annually


  • (Starting at)
  • You pay $172.00 annually


  • (Starting at)
  • You pay $240.00 annually

Keep your business protected against cyber crime

Protection Serve has partnered with one of the industry’s leading cyber security insurance providers, Coalition. Our small business insurance Plans give you financial liability coverage, plus a range of security and risk management features to keep you safe.

Free security & risk prevention

Peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring to prevent cyber incidents before they happen, and security experts on standby. Completely free.

  • Threat Monitor

    Always scanning for new risks, and alerting you If anything suspicious happens.

  • 24/7 Helpline

    Dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, available to speak to, day or night.

  • Credential Monitor

    The gatekeeper to alert you if your logins or passwords are compromised.

Best-in-class cyber insurance

Protect your business with up to $250K in liability damages, including legal costs, damage repair, and regulatory fines.

  • Network & Data Liabilities

    Cover for cost of compromised customer data, including legal defense and damages.

  • Regulatory Penalties

    Cover for legal defense costs, regulatory fines and penalties.

  • Breach Response Costs

    Cover for legal, forensic, PR, and customer notification costs, plus credit monitoring.