Personal Information

We respect our client privacy. We never disclose, sale, share, market, promote our client’s personal identification data to anybody. Personal identification data can include but not limit to name, physical address (residential or office), birth date, marital status, phone number, email address, NID, professional and financial records, etc. We do not expose our clients services bought from us in public.

Browser Cookies

We do not collect any personal data from the user’s browser to analyze behavior and interest. But you can store your login information of our website to your browser cookies for future use. We do not store, control any user’s browser cookies data to ensure privacy.

Data Collection Policy

We collect data from various sources to promote or marketing our services. We have email subscription facility that anyone can subscribe our news latter, bulletins, blog posts and promotions.

Third-party Web Links

Protection Server never push any links to customer website. If you see any web link on your website, it’s your responsibility to remove or clean them. We encourage you to notice us if you find any abnormal content, links, email to your website or account.

Customer Data Protection

We do have highly data protection system with every clients account. To change email address, phone number or physical address you must have to login to your account and open a ticket for the change. Only in that case we will change your information. If you fail to open a ticket we are unable to help you. Please note, in any case if you share your client area login information to anyone, or publicly and he/they made any changes we are not responsible for that action. It’s your responsibility not to share your account credentials to others. In that case Protection Server will not take any responsibility.

Legal Disclaimer

Protection Server have rights to provide personal information to the law enforcement agencies if any illegal use of our services. We will treat as violation of our terms and condition.

Content Privacy

We do not allow/permit our customer to use of any illegal content which can promote racial/social hatred. We also never use our client’s personal data to violate social morals.